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2 Million Americans Face Foreclosure

The great mortgage crisis of 2009-2013 destroyed the life savings of millions of people and cost many their homes:

The Covid-19 Crisis has been in suspended animation since last year. But the brakes are coming off and Lenders, Servicers, the government and consumers are now faced with serious questions about how to deal with this crisis.

The last crisis showed two things, most servicers and lenders preferred foreclosure over modification and that most borrowers were challenged to present their financial story to their lenders effectively.

The government let two and a half critical years go by before they required lenders and servicers to improve their behavior. Countless people lost their homes that never had to have that happen.

We can do better this time.

Lawyers like me are ready. Hopefully, government regulators have learned their lesson and loan servicers will do better.

If you are a borrower and you are in default on your mortgage follow these steps:

-Keep in touch with your servicer:

*are you in foreclosure?

*what can you do to avoid foreclosure?

*know your status and try to get your loan modified or reinstated

*if your servicer is not being cooperative or you are facing foreclosure, do not

wait, get help as soon as possible!

-Pay attention to all communications from your servicer.

-Be on the lookout for mail from lawyers for your servicer, this can be the first notice of foreclosure

-Never work with anyone other than a licensed lawyer or a HUD certified housing counselor!

-Keep accurate, detailed records of your calls with your servicer ask questions to be sure of what they are saying

In foreclosures and modifications, victory is defined by being in your home next year, getting ready for the holidays, warmed by having financial peace with your lender.

If you are not sure, legal help is standing by: (248) 825-3131 or email

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